Luckily for me, two friends walked me up the steps of Uplift

In 2015, I was struggling as I went through a brutal, long divorce and the loss of a job. My life was crashing down around me. I had struggled with depression before, but never to the level I was experiencing as I was toward the end of 2015. I had extreme anxiety, had turned to alcohol to cope, and even had suicidal thoughts. I could not sit down and could not shake the thoughts of thinking the world would be better off without me. Luckily for me, two friends of mine walked me up the steps of Uplift and I have never looked back. They say walking up the steps is one of the hardest parts and I am glad I had friends who guided me there and supported me along the way. I began to treat my mental health with the importance it deserved. I attended meetings several days per week and found the group leaders to be helpful and supportive as I took my life back. It took a while, but I slowly emerged from my depression and anxiety. I obtained a new career and split custody of my children through the course of the divorce. I learned that feelings were not facts and that I could train my brain to see the positive and take an insecure thought and replace it with something more secure, stable and supportive. I was lucky to find Uplift when I did and today still utilize their services and support when life gets uneasy. They are always there providing free peer support to our community and I’ll be forever thankful. Thank you Uplift! – Member 7 Years

People who understand

When I first came to Uplift, I was experiencing a very difficult patch of anxiety and depression (and not for the first time). I can’t remember exactly what I was looking for, but what I found was a community of people who understand from personal experience what I was going through, and experience with working through these problems. I always feel completely safe and “seen” during our meetings, without fear of judgment or rejection. I’ve learned many methods to overcome feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, unwanted/disturbing thoughts, and specific fears through discussions and readings at Uplift meetings. I’ve even developed some close friendships with regular members and my only regret is that I did not find this place earlier in my life. – Member 3 Years

Strengthen my mental health, overall

Uplift Mental Health Support has been a significant part of my personal growth over this past year. With a sense of community, guidance and structure, Uplift offers a rare lens into the practice of cognitive behavioral therapy to strengthen mental health, overall. Since meetings are held every week, I always feel welcome to share and practice the skills I’ve learned within this program. – Member 1 Year